Driving a school bus from London to The Gambia for KADECT deaf school

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Deaf children in The Gambia face many challenges when it comes to accessibility of education. Firstly because of social marginalisation and the lack of resources to enable them to go to school, and secondly because of the simple fact they  may live too far away to get to school. KADECT is a deaf children’s trust that since 2008 has set up two units for deaf children in existing schools in rural Gambia. Although this has already drastically changed the lives of many children, there are still many more who live in the peripheries of the town and lack the means for transportation, so they struggle to reach these schools. Which is why we plan to bring a school bus: the Janga Bus.

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What we need

In order to make this project happen, and to enable many more deaf Gambian children to get access to an education, WE NEED YOUR HELP. We plan to fundraise the amount needed to purchase the minibus and get it safely over to the school in Essau, the Gambia.

There are two reasons we decided to purchase the minibus in Europe and drive it to the Gambia:


The financial reason to purchase the minibus in Europe is that it is harder to find reliable vehicles in the Gambia for the same price. Many vehicles there are imported from Europe in order to sell them for profit, which leads to a skewed price-quality ratio.

Raising awareness and crowd-funding campaign

Additionally, the aim of this journey is to set up an awareness campaign for KADECT and raise more funds to support the Trust.

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What we need

The Journey - The Documentary

The journey will take us through UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal & The Gambia. As part of this project we will also be making a documentary focussing on the access to education along the way. It will capture different stories in each country of children and their access to school as well as their hopes and dreams for the future.

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The work of KADECT in The Gambia

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Any help you can give will make such a difference to this project and to the deaf children in The Gambia. Thank you.